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7/26/03:  After a big hiatus, I am back!  With a new framed site hopefully updates will be somewhat easier.   Looking forward to Wizardworld 2003 next month!

11/04/01:  New E-mail!   MarvelOnline discontinued its email service.  I will be trying to check the new email from now on.

7/20/01:  Added "SIGNED COMICS" to the Links Page.

7/7/01:  Updated the Links Page.

4/21/01:  Changed my e-mail to  Been a looong time since I did an update, but comics hunting has been good:  between the Chicago and Detroit Comiccons in 2000, I can't keep up reading!  Plus one of my favorite stores in Michigan recently consolidated it's two locations to one, then threw the surplus inventory into the quarter bins.  How good does SILVER SURFER #1 for $0.25 sound?

Also removed the Trading Board, haven't gotten much use out of it.

8/16/00:  I had a GREAT time at the Wizard World 2000 Comic Convention in Chicago this month!  Came back with some great stuff from quarter-bins, 50-cent and 75-cent bins.  Sometimes it is worth a few extra quarters when the seller has all their comics IN ORDER and you can pick up complete runs of stories for a few bucks more.  No reviews yet, but I'll be updating soon and may also slap up some photos from the 'con.

Added a BIG list of comics to the Trading Board for sale - check it out!
Modified my menus slightly so that they look more like buttons.
Also deleted my affiliation with AllAdvantage (too much hassle right now).

6/24/00:  Re-Added my link to Comic Book Reviews Webring.

6/17/00:  Updated the entire layout of the site, hopefully navigation will be a lot easier now!  Also wrote a piece on Marvel Tales #186, after the Motor City ComicCon last month.  Added the Priceguide and Trading Board.

4/22/00:  Here's an oldie but a goodie, Marvel Tales #147

12/28/99:  Superman vs. the ATOM MAN -- Worlds' Finest 271; 10/24/99:  Brand New Graphics layout, new "title bar menu"; 10/21/99:  Edited the main page a little and updated "Trading Post" to "Market Watch"; 8/19/99:  Squeezed the graphics on the main page so hopefully it loads faster; 8/14/99:  New Son of the Bat article (BIG!).   New Video Games Section; 8/8/99:  Updated Rating System to the "Chee"; 8/1/99:  Added Elektra Megazine #2 Review:  Frank Miller+Elektra+Daredevil+Bullseye+Black Widow = A Winner; 7/26/99:  Added Fantastic Four 257/X-Men 90 Review:   Galactus Munches on Skrulltown!; 7/13/99:  BIG Graphics update.  Added new main menu, new logo, sectioned stuff off into DC, Marvel, other sections.  Added Sensational Spider-Man #6 and Action Comics Annual #1 reviews.