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The Mouse's Guide to Comic Book Pricing

One of the most frequent questions I've been asked is, "How much is (particular comic) worth?"  To help answer this, let me give out a few sources of info:

Wizard Magazine is a great source of current comics information AND a great MONTHLY update of comic book pricing across the country.  If a book is new or somewhat popular at the time the magazine reaches print, the book usually gets included in the price guide.  Plus, the guide is categoried into "hot" books, "new" books, and books whose prices have gone up or down.  You can find more info on Wizard at their website:

E-Bay is usually where I head next if I'm trying to gauge the comics market.  Nothing beats pricing at what your competition is selling the same stuff for.  However, sometimes people just aren't selling what you've got, so this can be a dead-end.  I would at least try searching under the title of the comic you're looking for.  Sometimes books can be abbreviated, so don't get frustrated if you don't find anything on your first search.

Robert M. Overstreet's Guide is probably the oldest, most-complete guide out there.  The guide is published annually with semi-annual updates.  You can usually find Overstreet's Guide at many comic shops, and even regular booksellers.  Best bet?  Look in a "used" bookstore or the bargain lot at Barnes and Noble.  Although a guide that's over a year old is somewhat out of date, the book will at least provide an excellent checklist of comics.