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Comic: Action Comics Annual #1

Title: "Cry Vampire!" (Cover Title) "Skeeter" (Inside Title)

Writer: John Byrne

Artist: Art Adams

Publisher: DC


Batman tracks Gotham killers to a small hick town, calls for help from Superman, and together they combat a vampire menace threatening the town. Batman and Superman both almost fall prey to the vampire's hypnotic powers, and Superman nearly bites it when Vamps starts getting hungry. Lucky for him Batman faked his own death and saved his butt by driving a wooden stake into the vampire.

The Good: Wasn't sure WHO was the vampire -- is this Action Comics or Detective Comics?

The Bad: Pretty lame story for an annual. Big waste of some pages.

Overall Rating:  2 chees.  Take it or leave it. Not much story here, fairly bland artwork for a giant like Art Adams (not his trademark detail, lots of white-space). However, it is interesting that this is a #1 issue, if you go in for that sort of thing. The copy I bought even had a special tag on the polybag for that.

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