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With the recent release of the 1940's radio serials of Superman's adventures, I thought it was time to take a look at one of his greatest foes -- who has yet to be revamped into current continuity!

Comic:  World's Finest vol. 1, #271

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World's Finest 271 goes back to the days when Batman and Superman were far more "chummy".  The pre-Crisis origin of their team-up was in such disarray it took writer Roy Thomas 48 pages (no ads!) to sort everything out.  In addition, Roy wrote a great letter explaining why this story was written.  Click HERE to read about "The Secrets Behind the 'The Secret Origins of the Superman/Batman Team'", and share in the enthusiasm that made such a great story possible.

In WF 271, Superman and Batman reminisce about how they got together as a team, to help them defeat their latest menace, "the Atoman".   Atoman (or Atom Man, or Atom-Man, or whatever) was a Nazi soldier who was injected with a kryptonite serum to make him powerful enough to destroy Superman -- kind of like the RED SKULL, except that he uses kryptonite instead of super-soldier serum.

WF 271 recaps the end of the radio serial, and it's a real treat to pick out elements from the serial that come to life in the comics--over twenty years later!  (For example:  in the serial, Atom Man had to wear metal mesh gloves and a throat-box to control his power--now check out the Atom Man from WF271 on pages 5-6, below!

Rich Buckler does a great job, re-sketching scenes from classic stories, giving a new life to them.  He does a masterful job in trying to downplay the Earth-1/Earth-2 clues when Roy Thomas doesn't want the reader to know it yet.

Rating:  4-1/2 Chees.  I'd give it 5 chees but this wasn't a true budget bins comic because I found it before I became a budget bins collector.   However, it can probably be found there sooner of later.  The radio story itself is kind-of dated, but the Atom Man as a villain is really a yet-untapped potential.  True, DC has made kryptonite villains in current continuity (ie. Metallo, Lex Luthor (w/ kryptonite ring) but Atom Man had a specific deviousness about him that was hard to match.  It's part of the chemistry that makes Captain America vs. the Red Skull work so well.

Below are the frames from World's Finest 271 that recap those earth-shattering scenes from the 1940's radio serial



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Whet your appetite for the radio serial?  [Click HERE!]

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